Next Event: Tuesday 11th September 2018



Busy Dj’s with limited time to network

We understand that DJs are always working similar hours to each other at separate venues and don’t always get a chance to meet other DJs. This is why we have created this event and will be bringing you guys more networking events throughout 2018.


Our night is stress free, no point proving Djing 

This event is an opportunity for you to dig into your vinyl collection, pick out those favourites, rare editions, dubplates or anything you feel like you would want to throw on. No laptop Serato or Traktor vinyl DJing – simply original vinyl.

Scratch DJs, mixing DJs, fade in fade out – whichever your style. There is no competition here, no contest, simply needle to the groove jam and enjoy the event. WE CAN ONLY ALLOCATE 15-30MIN TIME SLOTS


3 ROBINSON ROAD I BANKSIDE I LONDON SE1 8BU NEAREST TUBE STATIONS BLACKFRIARS OR SOUTHWARK SAMA Bankside is a new a bar and dining space set within a historical Victorian viaduct directly beneath the main railway leading to Blackfriars station. SAMA Bankside is an unconventional space that will promote a new model of exhibition-making, focusing upon an ambitious mission for curating credible exhibitions and creating a venue that will evolve and develop as an interesting platform for artists to promote their work. We have the larger basement bar for the evening where DJs can network and mingle over a beverage (even some food too) but most of all enjoy the music played by other DJ’s on original wax.

The Decks & Your Style

We will be supplying 2x Technics 1200 for the DJs to play on


Mix & Fade DJ – simply come and play some wax with no pressure from other DJs we just wanna hear them rare tracks,


We’ll have the scratch DJs play later in the evening pulling out those cuts on the Pioneer DJM S9.


Enter your style of DJ in the message box and we will allocate you a 15-20min time slot.


We only have a few hours so if you arrive later than your allocated time, you “may” not get a chance to spin.

Just a couple of rules

General Rules: We welcome DJs to bring their business card & demo CDs to hand out. No business flyers, external event flyers or non DJ networking promotional material. No selling of records or other items on site, no drugs or weapons on site, no bad attitudes, no external alcohol nor food to be brought in.

Music Wise: No commercial chart corny cheese music. We are open to many genres but we’re not going chart pop this night. We must again mention… NO laptop DJing at this event – strictly original vinyl (no Serato or Traktor vinyl Djing). Dresscode: We have no dresscode policy trainers & caps allowed. Although we say no dress code… okay we will mention – no stringvests!!!

Contact us

This is event is limited to 60 people. You will need to be on the guest list to attend. If  you would like to play please enter you name and if a slot is available we try to add you to the schedule.